How to Decorate Your Locker With Things at Home

Lockers are not just for storing books and supplies – they can also be a creative space to showcase your personality and style. In this article, we will explore how to decorate your locker with things you can find at home. Whether you want to add a pop of color, inspirational quotes, or organizational elements, there are endless possibilities to make your locker truly unique.

Decorating your locker is not just about making it look pretty; it’s also about creating a space that reflects who you are. Personalizing your locker can boost your mood and motivation throughout the day as you interact with it. Additionally, having a decorated locker can make a mundane school routine more enjoyable and fun.

By using items that you already have at home, you can create a personalized and budget-friendly locker decor. From DIY projects to utilizing everyday items in creative ways, there are plenty of options to spruce up your locker without breaking the bank. So let’s dive into the world of locker decoration and unleash our creativity.

Gather Your Supplies

When it comes to decorating your locker, you don’t always need to go out and buy new items. In fact, you can create a personalized and unique locker design using things you already have at home. There are numerous items that you can repurpose or upcycle to give your locker a fresh look that reflects your personality. Let’s explore some creative ways on how to decorate your locker with things at home.

One of the easiest ways to adorn your locker is by using colorful wrapping paper or wallpaper scraps. These can be used to cover the interior walls of your locker, adding a pop of color and personality.

You can also use old magazines or posters as makeshift wallpaper by cutting them into smaller pieces and arranging them in a collage-style pattern. Another idea is to utilize fabric scraps or bandanas as a makeshift curtain for the inside of your locker door.

If you have any leftover washi tape or stickers from previous crafts projects, these can be utilized to add fun designs and patterns to your locker shelves or magnetic organizers. Additionally, small trinkets such as keychains, buttons, or pins can be attached with decorative magnets for an added touch of flair. By getting creative with the items you already have at home, you can easily transform your locker into a personalized space that stands out from the rest.

Household ItemDecorating Use
Wrapping paperWallpaper for interior walls
Fabric scrapsMake-shift curtain for door
Washi tape or stickersAdd designs and patterns
Keychains or buttonsAttached with magnets for decoration

Personalize Your Style

When it comes to decorating your locker with things at home, choosing a theme or color scheme is a crucial step in ensuring your space reflects your personal style. By selecting a theme or color scheme that resonates with you, you can create a cohesive and visually appealing locker design. Here are some tips on how to personalize your style through your locker decor:

  • Consider Your Interests: Think about the things you love and the colors that make you happy. Whether it’s your favorite sports team, a specific hobby, or a particular aesthetic, incorporating elements of what you enjoy will make your locker feel like an extension of yourself.
  • Experiment with Different Styles: Don’t be afraid to mix and match different themes or color schemes to create a unique look. You can play around with contrasting colors, patterns, and textures to add visual interest to your locker.
  • Showcase Your Personality: Use decorations that showcase your personality and individuality. Whether it’s photographs of friends and family, inspirational quotes, or artwork you’ve created yourself, adding personal touches will make your locker feel like home.

By carefully selecting a theme or color scheme for your locker decor, you can transform a mundane storage space into a personalized oasis that reflects who you are. Whether you prefer bold and vibrant hues or soft pastels, there are endless possibilities for creating a custom look that suits your unique style.

Remember to have fun with the process and let your creativity shine through as you decorate your locker with things at home. With the right theme or color scheme in place, you can turn your locker into a stylish and functional space that truly feels like yours.

DIY Locker Decor

Decorating your locker with DIY decorations not only adds a personal touch to your space but also allows you to showcase your creativity and personality. With just a few simple supplies that can be found at home, you can create unique and eye-catching decor for your locker. Here are some step-by-step instructions on how to make your own decorations for your locker:

Washi Tape Initial

Create a personalized initial decoration using colorful washi tape. Start by drawing the outline of your initial on a piece of paper or cardstock. Then, cover the outline with strips of different colored washi tape, overlapping them slightly to create a striped effect. Once you have covered the entire initial, use scissors to trim any excess tape. Finally, attach the washi tape initial to the inside door of your locker using adhesive putty.

Paper Flower Magnets

Add a pop of color to your locker with handmade paper flower magnets. To make these magnets, cut out various sizes of flower shapes from colorful paper or cardstock. Layer the flower shapes on top of each other, securing them together with hot glue in the center. Attach a small magnet to the back of each flower using hot glue, allowing them to dry completely before placing them in your locker.

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Inspirational Quote Banner

Show off your favorite motivational quotes by creating a mini banner for your locker. Cut triangles out of colored paper or cardstock and write inspiring quotes on each one using markers or stickers. Punch holes in the corners of each triangle and thread string or ribbon through them to connect all the pieces together. Hang the banner inside your locker using adhesive hooks or clips.

By following these step-by-step instructions and getting creative with materials you already have at home, you can easily decorate your locker with personalized DIY decor that reflects your style and personality in an affordable and fun way.

Utilize Everyday Items

When it comes to decorating your locker with things at home, it’s all about getting creative and thinking outside the box. Utilizing everyday items in unique ways can add a personalized touch to your locker decor while also being budget-friendly.

One simple yet effective idea is to use colorful duct tape to create designs or patterns on your locker shelves or even on the outside of your locker door. This not only adds a pop of color but also helps protect the surface from scratches and wear.

Another fun way to repurpose everyday items for locker decor is to use old magazine pages or wrapping paper to line the inside of your locker. This adds a fun and vibrant background that can serve as a backdrop for other decorations like photos, magnets, or inspirational quotes. You can also use empty tin cans or mason jars as pen and pencil holders by attaching them to the inside of your locker door with strong adhesive strips.

If you have spare fabric lying around at home, consider using it to create a fabric bunting or banner to hang across the top of your locker. Simply cut out triangles or squares from the fabric, attach them to a piece of twine or ribbon, and hang it up using magnetic hooks. Not only does this add a cozy touch to your locker decor, but it also gives you extra space to display photos or small trinkets.

Incorporating everyday items into your locker decor not only allows you to personalize your space but also encourages sustainability by repurposing materials you already have at home. Get creative with how you use items like washi tape, old buttons, ribbons, and more to make your locker stand out.

Repurposed ItemsIdeas for Use
Colorful duct tapeCreate designs on shelves or doors
Old magazine pages or wrapping paperLine inside of locker for vibrant background
Fabric scrapsCreate fabric buntings or banners for decoration

Organizational Elements

When it comes to decorating your locker with things at home, incorporating organizational elements can not only enhance the look of your space but also make it more functional for your daily needs. Here are some ideas on how you can add storage and organization to your locker using items found at home:

Utilize Baskets and Bins

One easy way to keep your locker organized is by using baskets or bins to store smaller items such as pens, pencils, and sticky notes. You can repurpose small containers or boxes from home or even create your own out of cardboard or plastic bottles. By categorizing items into different baskets or bins, you can easily locate what you need without creating a mess in your locker.

DIY Magnetic Organizers

Another creative way to add storage to your locker is by making DIY magnetic organizers. You can use metal tins, jars, or even cardboard covered in magnetic sheets to create pockets for storing papers, notes, or small supplies like paper clips and erasers. These magnetic organizers can be attached to the inside door of your locker for easy access and additional storage space.

Hanging Shelves and Hooks

Maximize vertical space in your locker by adding hanging shelves or hooks for extra storage. You can repurpose old shoe organizers, jewelry racks, or even cutlery holders from home to hang on the inside walls of your locker.

Use these shelves and hooks to store books, water bottles, bags, or any other items that tend to clutter up the bottom of your locker. This not only adds organization but also creates more room for decorations on the shelves and walls of your locker.

By incorporating these organizational elements into your locker decor using items found at home, you can create a stylish and functional space that reflects your personal style while keeping everything neat and tidy. Experiment with different storage solutions until you find what works best for you and enjoy a more organized school day ahead.

Inspirational Quotes and Motivation

Decorating your locker with inspirational quotes and motivational phrases is a great way to personalize your space and keep yourself motivated throughout the school day. Whether you’re looking for a daily pick-me-up or a reminder of your goals, incorporating words of encouragement into your locker decor can make a big impact. The best part is, you can easily create these messages using items you already have at home.

One simple way to add inspirational quotes to your locker is by using sticky notes or index cards. Write encouraging messages or uplifting quotes on these small pieces of paper and stick them on the inside of your locker door or on the walls. You can change them out regularly to keep things fresh and inspiring. Additionally, you can cut out letters from old magazines or newspapers to spell out motivational phrases or affirmations.

Another creative idea for adding inspiration to your locker is by repurposing old jewelry or keychains. String together beads with positive words, initials, or symbols that hold meaning for you. Hang these DIY creations on the hooks inside your locker for a unique touch of motivation every time you open it.

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Don’t be afraid to get crafty and think outside the box when it comes to decorating with inspirational quotes – the possibilities are endless. With just a bit of creativity and some household items, you can transform your locker into a personalized space that inspires and motivates you every day.

Seasonal Decor

As the seasons change and holidays approach, it’s a fun idea to switch up the decorations in your locker to reflect the current time of year. This not only keeps your locker looking fresh and exciting, but it also helps you get into the spirit of each season or holiday. Here are some tips on how to decorate your locker with things at home for different seasons or holidays:

1. Back-to-School Season: Start off the school year by decorating your locker with colorful school supplies like pens, pencils, and notebooks. You can also add a small whiteboard or chalkboard to write down important reminders or motivational quotes.

2. Fall/Autumn: For the fall season, consider adding some cozy elements to your locker decor such as mini pumpkins, faux fall leaves, and warm-colored ribbons. You can also hang up a small fall-themed wreath or garland to add a festive touch.

3. Winter/Holidays: During the winter months and around the holidays, bring in some sparkle and cheer by adding twinkle lights or mini ornaments to your locker. You can also create paper snowflakes or snowmen decorations using simple supplies like paper, glue, and markers.

4. Spring/Easter: As spring approaches, consider adding fresh flowers or floral patterns to your locker decor. You can also incorporate pastel colors and Easter-themed items like bunny stickers or egg-shaped decorations.

Remember that you don’t have to spend a lot of money on seasonal decoration for your locker – simply look around your house for items that fit the season or holiday theme. Get creative and have fun incorporating these touches into your locker decor.

Maintenance and Care

Decorating your locker with items from home is a fun and creative way to personalize your space, but it’s important to ensure that your decorations stay looking fresh and clean throughout the school year. With a few simple tips for maintenance and care, you can keep your locker decor looking its best.

One key tip for maintaining your locker decor is to regularly clean both the inside and outside of your locker. Dust can accumulate on surfaces over time, so wiping down shelves, walls, and the door of your locker with a damp cloth can keep everything looking tidy. Additionally, consider using shelf liners or drawer organizers to prevent dirt and debris from building up in your locker.

Another important aspect of maintenance is checking on the condition of your decorations periodically. If you notice any damage or wear and tear on items like pictures, garlands, or handmade decorations, take the time to repair or replace them as needed. This will help maintain the overall look of your locker decor and prevent it from becoming cluttered or unkempt.

Finally, incorporating some storage and organizational elements into your locker decor can help keep things looking neat and organized. Utilize hooks, shelves, bins, or magnetic containers to keep smaller items in place and prevent them from getting lost or damaged. By staying organized and implementing these maintenance tips, you can ensure that your locker decor remains vibrant and appealing all school year long.


Decorating your locker with items from home is not only a fun way to personalize your space but also a great opportunity to showcase your creativity. By utilizing everyday items and following DIY tips, you can transform your locker into a reflection of your own unique style. Whether you choose a color scheme, theme, or simply mix and match different decorations, there are endless possibilities for making your locker stand out.

One of the best parts of decorating your locker is the chance to express yourself and make your space truly yours. Adding inspirational quotes or motivational phrases can uplift your spirits throughout the day and serve as a reminder of what’s important to you. Changing up your decor with the seasons or holidays can keep things fresh and exciting, allowing you to constantly refresh and update your locker’s look.

In conclusion, don’t be afraid to get creative and think outside the box when it comes to decorating your locker. With a little effort and imagination, you can turn a standard school locker into a personalized space that reflects who you are. So gather those supplies, personalize your style, and let your creativity shine through in how you decorate your locker with things at home.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Decorate a Homemade Locker?

Decorating a homemade locker can be a fun and creative process. You can start by choosing a color scheme or theme that reflects your personality. Adding wallpaper, magnets, photos, and inspirational quotes can help personalize the space. Don’t forget to include functional items like hooks, shelves, and organizers to keep everything tidy.

How Do I Customize My Locker?

Customizing your locker is all about adding unique touches that make it your own. Consider using stickers, washi tape, or fabric to cover the inside of the locker doors. You can also hang a small mirror, whiteboard, or corkboard for added functionality. Adding a small rug or magnetic board on the bottom can also elevate the look.

What Are Some Things to Put in Your Locker?

When it comes to what to put in your locker, think about both practicality and personal style. Some essential items include textbooks, notebooks, pens/pencils, and a mini stapler for schoolwork.

Personal touches like photos of friends/family, a small plant or succulent, homemade art pieces can make the space feel more inviting. Don’t forget to have snacks and water bottles handy for quick refueling during the day!

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