Do They Keep the Decor on Home Town

When watching the popular TV show Home Town, many viewers are left wondering: do they keep the decor on Home Town? This question has sparked curiosity and interest among fans of the show, as they are eager to learn about the lasting impact of the beautiful home designs created by hosts Ben and Erin Napier.

In this article, we will delve into the concept of whether or not the decor featured on Home Town is retained by homeowners, and explore its significance to both the show and its local community.

Home Town is a beloved television series that follows husband-and-wife team Ben and Erin Napier as they work to revitalize their hometown of Laurel, Mississippi, one home at a time. The premise of the show revolves around renovating old houses while preserving their historical charm and character. Each episode showcases breathtaking transformations and stunning interior design that captivate audiences, prompting them to wonder if these designs remain intact after filming concludes.

The impact of decor on Home Town extends beyond just aesthetics. The show’s carefully curated designs not only reflect the homeowners’ personalities and preferences but also play a significant role in revitalizing and enhancing neighborhoods within their community. As we continue our exploration, we’ll uncover how these designs contribute to preserving the town’s heritage while simultaneously inspiring modern home design trends.

Overview of the TV Show Home Town and Its Premise

The TV show Home Town follows husband and wife team Ben and Erin Napier as they work to restore historic homes in their hometown of Laurel, Mississippi. The couple takes on the role of renovating and designing these houses to bring them back to life while also preserving the town’s history and charm. With a focus on community revitalization and home restoration, the show has captured the hearts of many viewers.

One of the most intriguing aspects of Home Town is its attention to detail when it comes to decor. Each home renovation not only aims to restore the structure itself but also brings in unique and personalized design elements that reflect the homeowners’ personalities and needs. This has sparked curiosity among viewers who wonder if the original decor choices made by Ben and Erin are actually kept by the homeowners once filming is done.

The premise of Home Town revolves around not just transforming houses, but also enriching the lives of those who live in them. As a result, the show has had a significant impact on both the individual homeowners featured and the broader community as a whole. It’s no wonder that viewers have been eager to find out whether or not the decor stays once Ben and Erin have completed their magic.

Home Town EpisodeDecor Kept?
Season 3, Episode 5: A Little Rough, A Little RefinedYes
Season 4, Episode 2: Swimming Pools & ShiplapNo
Season 5, Episode 7: School Spirit SoarsYes

The Impact of Decor on the Show and Its Significance to the Town

The TV show Home Town has not only made a significant impact on the homeowners featured on the show, but it has also had a lasting effect on the town of Laurel, Mississippi. Through its unique focus on renovating and restoring homes, the show has brought attention to the architectural beauty of the town and its potential for revitalization.

The decor featured on Home Town has played a crucial role in showcasing the history and charm of Laurel, and it has become a symbol of pride for the community.

Preserving the Character of Laurel

One of the most significant impacts of the decor on Home Town is its role in preserving the character of Laurel. By highlighting the historical elements of each home through thoughtfully chosen decor and design, the show has helped maintain the authentic feel of the town. The use of local artisans and craftsmen to create custom pieces for each renovation adds to this preservation effort, emphasizing the importance of supporting local talent and businesses.

Boosting Tourism and Community Pride

The significance of decor on Home Town also extends to its influence on tourism and community pride. The stunning transformations showcased on the show have attracted visitors from all over who are eager to explore Laurel’s unique architecture and design aesthetic.

Additionally, residents have expressed a newfound sense of pride in their town, as they witness their homes being showcased in such a positive light. The decor not only enhances individual homes but also contributes to a larger movement that celebrates Laurel’s rich heritage.

Fostering Economic Growth

Furthermore, the impact of decor on Home Town has contributed to economic growth in Laurel. With increased attention from tourists and potential homebuyers, there is greater interest in investing in properties within the town.

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This influx benefits local businesses and stimulates job opportunities within various industries related to real estate, home renovation, and tourism. Overall, it is clear that the decor featured on Home Town plays an essential role in shaping not only individual homes but also in promoting positive changes throughout the town of Laurel.

Behind the Scenes

The process of choosing and implementing the decor on the show Home Town is a carefully curated and collaborative effort between the show’s hosts, Erin and Ben Napier, and the homeowners. The Napiers work closely with the homeowners to understand their personal style, needs, and preferences in order to create a space that truly reflects their vision for their home. This process involves several steps, from initial consultations to sourcing materials and executing the final design.

One important aspect of choosing decor for Home Town is its connection to the town of Laurel, Mississippi. The Napiers often draw inspiration from the local history, architecture, and cultural heritage of the town when selecting decor pieces for each home renovation. This not only adds a unique touch to each project but also showcases the beauty of Laurel and its community.

In terms of implementation, the Napiers work with a team of skilled craftsmen and artisans to bring their design vision to life. From custom furniture pieces to artisanal details, every aspect of the decor is thoughtfully integrated into the renovation process. The attention to detail and craftsmanship not only enhances the final result but also supports local businesses and artisans within Laurel.

Success Stories

In the TV show Home Town, many homeowners have chosen to keep the decor suggested by hosts Ben and Erin Napier after the renovation process. These success stories not only showcase how the show has influenced home design trends but also highlight the impact of the decor on the homeowners themselves. Here are some examples of homes where the decor was kept, and its lasting impact:

  • The Williamson House: One of the most memorable success stories from Home Town is the Williamson house. After receiving a complete renovation, the homeowners decided to keep most of the decor suggested by Ben and Erin. The cozy, farmhouse-inspired design not only transformed their home but also brought a sense of warmth and comfort to their everyday lives.
  • The Smith Residence: Another example is the Smith residence, where the homeowners maintained all of the decor recommended by Ben and Erin. The classic, timeless design elements added an elegant touch to their living space while reflecting their personal style. As a result, they felt a deep connection to their newly renovated home.
  • The Johnson Family Home: Similarly, the Johnson family experienced a significant impact after keeping the decor from Home Town. They embraced every design choice made by Ben and Erin, which not only elevated their home’s aesthetic appeal but also created a sense of pride and satisfaction in being able to maintain such beautiful designs.

These success stories demonstrate that keeping the decor from Home Town goes beyond just aesthetic appeal; it has a meaningful influence on how homeowners perceive and experience their living spaces on a daily basis. By choosing to maintain these designs, homeowners have been able to create a lasting connection with their homes while also contributing to a larger trend in home design inspired by the show.

  1. Challenges in Changing Decor: Some viewers may wonder about challenges that arise when homeowners choose not to keep the original decor or make changes later on. It’s important for producers and designers on Home Town to consider these possibilities as well as provide guidance for long-term maintenance of specific design aspects.
  2. Community Impact: One often overlooked aspect of keeping decor from Home Town is its impact within local communities. As more homeowners embrace similar designs featured on the show, it creates a unifying aesthetic that contributes to an overall sense of cohesion and pride within towns like Laurel.
  3. Long-Term Trends: Keeping track of which designs are maintained over time can provide valuable insights into long-term home design trends. By analyzing how often specific decor choices are retained, designers can gain greater understanding of what truly resonates with homeowners beyond initial impressions.

Challenges and Limitations

Unforeseen Structural Issues

In some instances on Home Town, the original decor of a home cannot be kept due to unforeseen structural issues. This could include issues such as mold, water damage, or termite infestations that are discovered during the renovation process. While the design team may have initially planned to preserve certain elements of the home’s decor, these challenges can make it necessary to completely overhaul the space in order to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the homeowners.

Homeowner Preferences

Another challenge that arises on Home Town is when the existing decor clashes with the homeowners’ personal preferences. The show often features families and individuals who have very specific tastes and visions for their homes, which may not align with the original decor of the house. In these cases, compromises must be made in order to create a living space that reflects both the history of the house and the style of its new occupants.

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Historical Preservation Requirements

In certain instances, historical preservation requirements or restrictions can limit what aspects of a home’s decor can be kept. Certain architectural features or design elements may need to be altered or updated in order to comply with local regulations. This presents a unique challenge for both the homeowners and the design team, as they must find creative ways to honor the history of a home while also ensuring its functionality for modern-day living.

Despite these challenges and limitations, Home Town has showcased how thoughtful renovations can still pay homage to a home’s original decor while meeting practical and aesthetic needs.

Viewer Reactions

Ever since the TV show Home Town premiered, viewers have been captivated not just by the heartwarming transformations of old houses, but also by the charming and thoughtful decor choices made by hosts Ben and Erin Napier. The show’s premise revolves around renovating and restoring homes in small-town America, with a special emphasis on preserving each home’s unique character.

This emphasis on preserving traditional elements while infusing fresh design ideas has not only made an impact on the homeowners featured on the show, but it has also inspired viewers and communities across the country.

One of the reasons why the decor on Home Town has resonated with viewers is its ability to showcase the beauty and potential in older homes. By carefully integrating modern amenities and design elements with historic features, the show’s decor choices have highlighted the importance of embracing one’s roots while still adapting to contemporary living.

This blend of old and new has sparked renewed interest in historical preservation and architectural heritage among viewers, encouraging them to appreciate and cherish their own local history.

Furthermore, the decor on Home Town has inspired communities to take a closer look at their own neighborhoods and consider how they can revitalize older properties in a way that honors their past. Through social media platforms and community groups, fans of the show have shared stories of taking inspiration from Home Town to spearhead local restoration projects, organize neighborhood clean-ups, or support local artisans who specialize in traditional craftsmanship.

This ripple effect sparked by the show’s decor choices demonstrates how powerful design can be in fostering a sense of pride and unity within a community.


In conclusion, the TV show Home Town has had a lasting impact on home design trends through its use of decor that reflects the unique character and history of the town. The premise of “Do They Keep the Decor on Home Town” goes beyond just the visual transformation of homes; it also explores how the decor has become an integral part of the community’s identity and pride.

By showcasing the importance of preserving and honoring historic elements in home design, the show has sparked a renewed appreciation for local craftsmanship and cultural heritage.

Behind the scenes, the process of choosing and implementing the decor on Home Town involves careful consideration of each home’s individual needs and style. Designers like Ben and Erin Napier take into account not only aesthetics but also functionality and personal significance when creating spaces that truly feel like home. It’s this attention to detail and storytelling that has resonated with viewers all over, inspiring them to consider their own home decor choices in a more meaningful light.

While there have been challenges and limitations in keeping the decor on Home Town due to various reasons such as budget constraints or structural issues, it’s clear that the show has made a significant impact on how people view their living spaces. The success stories of homeowners who have chosen to keep the decor from the show serve as testaments to how thoughtful design can truly enhance one’s daily life.

As “Do They Keep the Decor on Home Town” continues to spark conversations about preservation, authenticity, and community pride, it will undoubtedly leave a lasting influence on home design trends for years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

What HGTV Shows Get to Keep the Furniture?

Several HGTV shows allow the homeowners to keep the furniture, such as “Fixer Upper,” where Joanna Gaines decorates the home with her signature style and the clients get to keep the furniture. Another show is “Property Brothers,” where some furniture is included in the renovation budget.

Do They Do the Whole House on Home Town?

On “Home Town,” hosts Erin and Ben Napier focus on restoring and renovating historic homes in Laurel, Mississippi. They typically prioritize key areas like the kitchen, living room, and master bedroom, but they don’t always do the entire house due to time and budget constraints.

Does Ben Napier Sell His Furniture?

Ben Napier does not sell his custom-made furniture unless it’s for a charity auction or special cause. He often creates unique pieces for the homes renovated on “Hometown” and for their own personal use, but they are not available for commercial sale.

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