What Happened to Home Decorators Collection

What happened to Home Decorators Collection? For many years, the brand was a go-to for affordable and stylish home decor products. From furniture and lighting to rugs and accessories, Home Decorators Collection offered a wide range of items to help customers create their dream homes. In this article, we will explore the rise, acquisition, changes in strategy, challenges faced, discontinuation, and impact on customers of Home Decorators Collection.

Home Decorators Collection had its beginnings in Atlanta, Georgia in 1991. Founded by Gil Kemp and Michael Boyatt, the brand started as a direct mail company offering a selection of high-quality home decor products. Over time, it expanded its offerings and gained popularity among homeowners looking for stylish yet affordable options to furnish their homes.

In 2006, The Home Depot acquired Home Decorators Collection as part of its strategy to expand into the home decor market. This merger brought about significant changes for the brand, including shifts in branding strategy and product offerings. As a result of these changes, Home Decorators Collection saw both successes and challenges that ultimately led to its discontinuation and rebranding.

The Rise of Home Decorators Collection

Home Decorators Collection began as a direct marketing company specializing in affordable, high-quality home décor products. It quickly gained popularity in the industry due to its unique and stylish offerings at competitive prices. The brand’s success was fueled by its ability to tap into emerging trends and offering customers a wide range of options to suit their individual style preferences.

During its rise, Home Decorators Collection expanded its product line to include furniture, lighting, rugs, and other home accessories, establishing itself as a one-stop shop for all interior design needs. This strategic expansion contributed to the brand’s growing popularity and cemented its position as a go-to destination for homeowners looking to spruce up their living spaces.

Additionally, the company’s focus on customer satisfaction and exceptional service played a crucial role in building a loyal customer base. Home Decorators Collection prioritized delivering value to its customers through innovative designs, reliable shipping, and responsive customer support. These factors combined to propel the brand’s ascent in the home decor market.

  • With an emphasis on unique and affordable home decor products
  • Expanding product line to include furniture, lighting, rugs, and more
  • Prioritizing customer satisfaction through exceptional service

As Home Decorators Collection continued to gain traction among consumers, it caught the attention of The Home Depot, eventually leading to an acquisition that would significantly impact the trajectory of the brand.

Acquisition by the Home Depot

Home Decorators Collection was a well-known brand established in 1991, offering a wide range of stylish and affordable home decor products to consumers. The brand rapidly grew in popularity due to its quality products and trendy designs, becoming a household name for interior decorating enthusiasts.

In 2006, Home Decorators Collection was acquired by The Home Depot, a major retail company specializing in home improvement and construction products. The merger was a strategic move by The Home Depot to expand its presence in the home decor market and offer customers a wider selection of products. This acquisition had a significant impact on Home Decorators Collection, leading to changes in the brand’s strategy and business operations.

Following the acquisition, there were noticeable shifts in Home Decorators Collection’s business model. The brand began focusing more on e-commerce sales and expanding its product offerings to align with The Home Depot’s overall product portfolio. Additionally, Home Decorators Collection started to emphasize collaborations with other home decor brands and designers to diversify its product range and appeal to a broader customer base.

The acquisition by The Home Depot brought about both opportunities and challenges for Home Decorators Collection. While it provided access to new resources and increased exposure through The Home Depot’s vast retail network, it also presented difficulties in maintaining the original identity of the brand amidst changes in branding, marketing strategies, and product offerings.

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Key PointsData
Year Established1991
Acquisition by The Home Depot2006
Shifts in Business ModelFocused on e-commerce sales; Expanded product offerings; Emphasized collaborations with other brands/designers

Changes in Brand Strategy

Once known for its high-quality and affordable home decor products, Home Decorators Collection saw a shift in its brand strategy following its acquisition by The Home Depot. Previously, the brand focused on offering a wide range of exclusive items through its catalog and online store, catering to customers looking for stylish and budget-friendly options for their homes. However, with the acquisition by The Home Depot in 2006, the brand began to undergo significant changes in its business model.

The merger with The Home Depot led to a repositioning of Home Decorators Collection within the market. As part of The Home Depot’s broader strategy to expand its home decor offerings, the brand shifted towards a more integrated approach within The Home Depot stores. This meant that rather than maintaining a separate standalone presence, Home Decorators Collection products became available exclusively through The Home Depot’s physical and online outlets.

As part of this transition, there was also an increased focus on aligning with The Home Depot’s existing customer base while leveraging their distribution network and resources. While this move allowed for greater visibility and accessibility for Home Decorators Collection products, it also signaled a departure from the brand’s previous independent identity.

This new direction brought about changes not only in the availability and presentation of products but also in pricing strategies and marketing efforts. With this integration into The Home Depot’s operations, some loyal customers of Home Decorators Collection expressed concerns about the shift away from what made the brand unique in the first place.

Challenges Faced by Home Decorators Collection

After Home Decorators Collection was acquired by The Home Depot, the brand faced a number of significant challenges that ultimately led to its downfall. These challenges included shifts in consumer preferences, increased competition, and changes in the home decor industry as a whole.

Shifting Consumer Preferences

One of the main factors that contributed to the decline of Home Decorators Collection was the shift in consumer preferences. As trends in home decor evolved, customers began to seek out more modern and minimalist styles, moving away from the traditional and ornate designs that were once popular. This change in preference left Home Decorators Collection struggling to keep up with the demands of its customer base.

Increased Competition

With the rise of online shopping and an influx of new home decor brands entering the market, Home Decorators Collection faced increased competition. Established competitors as well as new startups offered a wider range of products at various price points, making it difficult for Home Decorators Collection to stand out among its competitors.

Industry Changes

The overall changes in the home decor industry also played a role in contributing to the brand’s downfall. As consumer behavior shifted towards sustainability and ethical production practices, Home Decorators Collection struggled to adapt its business model to align with these changing values. Additionally, changes in manufacturing and supply chain practices further impacted the brand’s ability to remain competitive in an evolving market.

These challenges collectively created a difficult environment for Home Decorators Collection, leading to significant struggles for the brand and ultimately resulting in its discontinuation and rebranding efforts.

Discontinuation and Rebranding

Home Decorators Collection faced a major restructuring following its acquisition by The Home Depot. The brand, known for its stylish and affordable home decor products, underwent significant changes in its business model and product offering. As a result, the decision was made to discontinue the Home Decorators Collection brand and rebrand the products under The Home Depot’s own line of home decor.

The discontinuation of Home Decorators Collection products and stores came as a surprise to many loyal customers who had come to rely on the brand for quality and stylish home furnishings. With the rebranding, customers were left wondering what would happen to their favorite products and if they would still be able to find similar styles and affordability at The Home Depot.

Following the rebranding, former Home Decorators Collection products were integrated into The Home Depot’s selection of home decor items. While some customers were disappointed by the loss of the dedicated Home Decorators Collection stores and distinct branding, others found comfort in being able to access their favorite products at their local The Home Depot store or online. Overall, the discontinuation and rebranding process brought about mixed reactions from loyal customers.

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Impact on Customers

Product Availability and Options

One of the first concerns for loyal Home Decorators Collection customers is the availability of their favorite products. With the discontinuation of the brand, many customers are left wondering where they will now find comparable items for their home decor needs. The unique style and range of products offered by Home Decorators Collection made it a popular choice for many, and customers are now faced with finding alternative options.

Loyalty Program and Rewards

Another area of impact on customers is the loyalty program and rewards that were previously offered by Home Decorators Collection. Many customers enjoyed the perks of being part of a loyalty program, such as exclusive discounts, early access to sales, and special promotions. With the brand’s discontinuation, customers who were members of the loyalty program are left wondering what will happen to their accumulated rewards and if they will be honored by any new brands or stores.

Customer Service and Support

Finally, the changes affecting Home Decorators Collection also have an impact on customer service and support. Customers may have ongoing orders or issues that need to be resolved, and they rely on good customer service for assistance. With the rebranding or discontinuation process underway, customers may face challenges in getting the support they need from Home Decorators Collection. As a result, they could feel frustrated or uncertain about how their inquiries will be handled in light of these changes.

Overall, the discontinuation of Home Decorators Collection has a significant impact on its customer base in various aspects such as product availability, loyalty programs, and customer service. It remains to be seen how these changes will unfold for loyal customers as they navigate through this transition period.


In conclusion, the journey of Home Decorators Collection has been one of growth and change, ultimately leading to its discontinuation and rebranding. The brand started as a small mail-order catalog in 1991 and quickly expanded to become a popular choice for home decor enthusiasts. However, the acquisition by The Home Depot in 2006 brought about significant changes to the brand’s strategy, leading to shifts in its business model and ultimately contributing to its downfall.

Despite facing challenges such as increased competition and changing consumer preferences, Home Decorators Collection maintained a loyal customer base. However, the discontinuation of its products and stores left many wondering what happened to Home Decorators Collection. The impact on customers has been significant, as they now have to seek alternative options for their home decor needs.

While the brand may no longer exist in its previous form, the legacy of Home Decorators Collection lives on in the hearts of its customers and in the memories of those who appreciated its unique offerings. As the home decor industry continues to evolve, it is important to remember the role that Home Decorators Collection played in shaping trends and inspiring creativity in interior design.

Though it may have come to an end, the influence of Home Decorators Collection will always be felt in the world of home decor.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Company Makes Home Decorators Collection?

Home Decorators Collection is actually a brand owned by Home Depot. They offer a wide range of home décor and furniture items, from rugs and lighting to storage solutions and outdoor furniture.

Is Home Decorators Part of Home Depot?

Yes, Home Decorators is indeed part of Home Depot. The company acquired the brand in 2006, allowing them to expand their product offerings to include stylish and affordable home décor options through the Home Decorators Collection brand.

Who Manufactures Hampton Bay Fans?

Hampton Bay fans are manufactured by a few different companies under the Hampton Bay brand name, which is exclusive to Home Depot. The actual manufacturer may vary depending on the specific model and type of fan, but they are all sold under the Hampton Bay label at Home Depot stores.

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