Will Taylor Home Decor

Will Taylor, a renowned name in the home decor industry, has carved a niche for himself with his vibrant and colorful aesthetic. His unique style has captured the attention of design enthusiasts and homeowners alike, making “Will Taylor Home Decor” a popular search term for those looking to infuse their spaces with his signature flair. In this article, we will delve into the world of Will Taylor and explore why his home decor style is worth talking about.

As we uncover the journey of Will Taylor in the home decor industry, it becomes evident that his background is as fascinating as his designs. From humble beginnings to becoming a household name, Taylor’s success story is an inspiration for aspiring designers and decorators. Understanding his background not only sheds light on the man behind the brand but also provides valuable insight into what sets his style apart from others in the industry.

One cannot discuss Will Taylor without delving into his signature home decor style. Known for its unique blend of colors, patterns, and textures, Taylor’s aesthetic exudes vibrancy and warmth. This section will offer an in-depth exploration of what makes his style stand out and why it has resonated with so many people seeking to add a touch of personality to their homes.

Will Taylor’s Background

Will Taylor’s journey in the home decor industry began with his passion for color and design. After working as a graphic designer, he decided to launch his blog, Bright.Bazaar, where he shared his love for vibrant hues and eye-catching patterns. His unique approach to interior styling quickly caught the attention of readers and brands alike, propelling him into the spotlight as a leading voice in the home decor world.

Throughout his career, Will Taylor has worked with renowned brands such as West Elm, Anthropologie, Target, and many others. His collaborations have allowed him to translate his distinct aesthetic into a wide range of products, from bedding and pillows to wall art and furniture. As a result, Will Taylor has become synonymous with cheerful and colorful design that brightens up any space.

In addition to his successful blog and brand partnerships, Will Taylor has authored several books on home decor and styling. His accessible approach to design has resonated with audiences worldwide, further solidifying his status as a household name in the industry. His ability to infuse spaces with personality and charm has made his work not only visually appealing but also relatable to individuals looking to inject their own homes with a touch of happiness and style.

  • Will Taylor’s blog “Bright.Bazaar” was launched
  • Collaborations with West Elm, Anthropologie, Target, and other notable brands
  • Author of multiple books on home decor and styling

Signature Home Decor Style

Will Taylor’s home decor style is a celebration of color, pattern, and creativity. His unique aesthetic is a breath of fresh air in the often neutral and minimalist world of home design. Drawing inspiration from his travels, Will’s signature style is characterized by bold hues, eclectic patterns, and an overall sense of playfulness. It’s no wonder that his designs have garnered a large following of fans who are eager to infuse their homes with his vibrant energy.

One of the key elements of Will Taylor’s home decor style is his fearless approach to color. From bright pinks to rich blues, he isn’t afraid to use every color in the rainbow to create spaces that are as lively as they are inviting. His use of patterns is also a defining characteristic, often mixing and matching different prints in unexpected ways that somehow all come together harmoniously.

In addition to color and pattern, Will Taylor’s home decor style also embraces a sense of whimsy and fun. He believes that decorating should be an adventure rather than a chore, and this philosophy is evident in the playful touches found throughout his designs. Whether it’s quirky accessories or unexpected design details, there’s always an element of surprise in every space he creates.

Fearless Use of ColorFrom bright pinks to rich blues, Will Taylor isn’t afraid to use every color in the rainbow.
Mixing PatternsHe often mixes and matches different prints in unexpected ways that somehow come together harmoniously.
Whimsical TouchesHis designs embrace a sense of whimsy and fun with quirky accessories or unexpected design details.

Top Will Taylor Home Decor Products

Will Taylor’s home decor style is a vibrant and unique aesthetic that has made him a household name in the industry. For those looking to infuse their homes with his colorful and lively design philosophy, there are several must-have items that perfectly capture his signature style. Here are some top Will Taylor home decor products to consider:

  • Accent Pillows: Will Taylor’s line of accent pillows feature bold patterns and bright colors, perfect for adding a pop of personality to any living space.
  • Art Prints: His collection of art prints encompasses his love for playful and cheerful designs, making them ideal for creating a dynamic focal point in any room.
  • Throw Blankets: Cozy up in style with Will Taylor’s collection of throw blankets, which often showcase his trademark mix of patterns and vibrant hues.
  • Vases and Planters: Elevate your space with his selection of vases and planters, designed to bring a touch of joyful energy to any floral arrangement or greenery display.

These items are just a few examples of how you can incorporate Will Taylor’s distinct style into your own home. Whether you’re looking to make a bold statement or simply add a touch of color, these products offer an easy way to capture the essence of his design philosophy.

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For those who want to fully embrace Will Taylor’s aesthetic, these home decor products serve as the perfect starting point for creating a space that reflects his lively and vibrant approach to design.

In addition to these curated items, Will Taylor also offers a range of other home decor products such as rugs, tabletop accessories, and bedding that all share his unmistakable flair for mixing patterns and colors. With such an extensive lineup, there is no shortage of options for those seeking to infuse their homes with the energetic and uplifting style that defines the work of Will Taylor.

DIY With Will Taylor

Will Taylor’s colorful and vibrant home decor style is not only visually appealing, but it also encourages creativity and personal expression. One of the best ways to incorporate his design philosophy into your own home is through fun and easy DIY projects. Drawing inspiration from Taylor’s playful and eclectic aesthetic, these DIY projects are a great way to infuse your space with personality and charm.

One simple yet impactful DIY project inspired by Will Taylor’s style is creating a gallery wall. Taylor is known for his love of bold patterns and bright colors, and a gallery wall allows you to showcase artwork, photographs, and other decorative elements that reflect this aesthetic. By mixing and matching different frames, artwork, and other items, you can create a visually interesting focal point in any room of your home.

Another DIY project that captures the essence of Will Taylor’s design philosophy is revamping old furniture with a fresh coat of paint. Whether it’s an outdated side table or a tired-looking dresser, transforming old furniture with vibrant paint colors can breathe new life into your space.

Taylor often incorporates brightly painted furniture pieces into his designs, so this DIY project is a great way to add a pop of color to your home while paying homage to his signature style.

Finally, for those who love crafting, creating your own throw pillows inspired by Will Taylor’s aesthetic can be a fun and rewarding DIY project. Look for fabrics in bold patterns and eye-catching colors, then use them to sew unique throw pillow covers that reflect Taylor’s playful approach to home decor. This project allows you to customize your space with personalized accents that capture the spirit of Taylor’s vibrant design style.

DIY Home Decor ProjectDescription
Gallery WallCreate a visually interesting focal point using artwork, photographs, frames and decorative elements
Furniture RevampTransform old furniture with vibrant paint colors to add a pop of color inspired by Will Taylor’s designs
DIY Throw PillowsSew unique throw pillow covers using fabrics with bold patterns and eye-catching colors that reflect Will Taylor’s playful approach to home decor.

How to Incorporate Will Taylor’s Style Into Your Own Home

Will Taylor’s home decor style is characterized by its vibrant and colorful aesthetic, making it a popular choice for those looking to add a touch of cheerfulness to their living spaces. If you’re interested in incorporating Will Taylor’s style into your own home, there are several practical tips and ideas that can help you achieve this look.

One way to infuse your space with Will Taylor’s vibrant and colorful aesthetic is to start with a neutral base. Consider painting the walls in a light, neutral color such as white or beige, and opt for furniture in simple, streamlined designs. This will create a clean canvas for adding pops of color through accessories, artwork, and textiles.

When it comes to accessories and accents, look for pieces that feature bold patterns and bright hues. Incorporating throw pillows, area rugs, and curtains in playful patterns and colors can instantly liven up a room and evoke the spirit of Will Taylor’s design philosophy. Additionally, consider displaying art prints or photographs with vibrant colors to add visual interest to your space.

Another way to infuse your home with Will Taylor’s style is to embrace the use of greenery and botanical elements. Adding houseplants or fresh flowers can bring life and energy into a room while also introducing natural pops of color.

Consider placing potted plants on shelves or tables, or creating a gallery wall featuring botanical prints or artwork inspired by nature. By incorporating these elements into your home decor, you can create an inviting and lively atmosphere that reflects the vibrancy of Will Taylor’s signature style.

In addition to these tips, don’t be afraid to mix and match different styles, patterns, and colors in your home decor. Will Taylor’s aesthetic celebrates eclecticism and individuality, so feel free to experiment with unexpected combinations and bold design choices that reflect your personal taste. Embracing this sense of playfulness and creativity is at the heart of infusing your space with Will Taylor’s unique style.

Will Taylor’s Collaborations and Partnerships

Will Taylor’s vibrant and colorful aesthetic has not only captivated the hearts of homeowners and interior design enthusiasts, but it has also caught the attention of big-name brands in the home decor industry. Through a series of successful collaborations and partnerships, Will Taylor has been able to elevate his brand and expand his reach to a wider audience.

Brand Collaborations

One of the most significant partnerships that have helped solidify Will Taylor’s presence in the home decor industry is his collaboration with renowned home furnishing brands. By partnering with established names, such as West Elm, Anthropologie, and CB2, Will Taylor has been able to bring his signature style to a larger audience through exclusive collections that embody his vibrant and playful design philosophy.

Media Partnerships

In addition to brand collaborations, Will Taylor has also formed strategic media partnerships to further establish his brand in the world of home decor. Through features in prominent publications such as Elle Decor, House Beautiful, and Architectural Digest, Will Taylor’s unique aesthetic has gained widespread recognition and admiration from both industry professionals and homeowners alike.

Creative Collaborations

Beyond traditional brand and media partnerships, Will Taylor has also ventured into creative collaborations with artists, designers, and other creative individuals. These collaborations have resulted in limited-edition pieces, art installations, and unique home decor products that showcase a fusion of different artistic styles while staying true to Will Taylor’s colorful and lively design principles.

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By consistently entering into successful collaborations across various sectors within the home decor industry, Will Taylor has not only expanded his brand but also cemented his reputation as a leading figure in the world of vibrant and playful home design. His ability to form meaningful partnerships has allowed him to reach new audiences while staying true to his unique aesthetic.

Q&A With Will Taylor

Will Taylor is a renowned home decor influencer, designer, and author known for his vibrant and colorful aesthetic. His style is characterized by a playful use of color, pattern mixing, and a modern yet approachable design philosophy. Through his blog, Bright.Bazaar, as well as his social media presence and published books, Will Taylor has connected with a global audience of design enthusiasts who are drawn to his unique approach to decorating.

Behind the Brand: A Look Into Will Taylor’s Background

Born and raised in the United Kingdom, Will Taylor’s interest in design and home decor began at a young age. After studying interior design at university, he went on to work for various lifestyle publications before launching his own blog, Bright.Bazaar. Through this platform, he gained recognition for his fresh take on design, which eventually led to the publication of several best-selling books showcasing his signature style.

The Philosophy Behind Will Taylor’s Design Aesthetic

When asked about the inspiration behind his home decor style, Will Taylor emphasizes the importance of creating spaces that reflect one’s personality and bring joy to everyday life. He believes that color has the power to transform a room and uses it as a tool to evoke positive emotions within a space. By infusing each project with elements of optimism and happiness, he aims to inspire others to embrace their creative side when designing their homes.

In an exclusive interview with Will Taylor himself, he reveals that travel plays a significant role in shaping his design aesthetic. Exploring different cultures and experiencing new environments not only broadens his perspective but also informs his approach to incorporating diverse elements into his designs. This global influence can be seen through the eclectic yet harmonious nature of his home decor style.


Will Taylor’s home decor style has been making waves in the industry, and for good reason. His unique and vibrant aesthetic brings a breath of fresh air to interior design, earning him a well-deserved spot as a household name in the home decor world. With his keen eye for color and pattern, Will Taylor has managed to create a signature style that is not only visually appealing but also uplifting and inspiring.

By infusing his designs with pops of color, bold patterns, and a playful sense of whimsy, Will Taylor has succeeded in creating spaces that feel both inviting and stylish. His ability to mix and match different elements while still maintaining a cohesive look is truly remarkable. Whether it’s through his use of textiles, artwork, or furnishings, Will Taylor’s home decor style exudes warmth and personality.

For those seeking to elevate their own living spaces with Will Taylor’s vibrant and colorful aesthetic, there are plenty of opportunities to do so. From incorporating his signature patterns into your home through textiles or wall art to embracing bold color choices in your decor, there are countless ways to infuse your space with the essence of Will Taylor’s style.

With practical tips and ideas readily available, adding a touch of his design philosophy to your home is more attainable than ever.

How to Find and Purchase Will Taylor Home Decor

In conclusion, Will Taylor’s home decor style is a game-changer in the industry, offering a unique and vibrant aesthetic that has resonated with countless individuals looking to infuse their spaces with personality and color. His journey in the home decor industry has led him to become a household name, and his signature style is worth considering for those looking to add a touch of personality to their own homes.

With a curated list of must-have items and fun DIY projects inspired by Will Taylor’s design philosophy, incorporating his style into your own home is easier than ever. Practical tips and ideas for infusing your space with his vibrant and colorful aesthetic make it accessible for anyone interested in refreshing their living space.

For those who are ready to take the next step, finding and purchasing Will Taylor Home Decor is made simple with a guide on where and how to shop for his products and designs. Whether online or in-store, there are plenty of options available for bringing Will Taylor’s unique style into your own living space.

By exploring his collaborations and partnerships as well as gaining insight from an exclusive interview with the man behind the brand, it becomes clear why Will Taylor’s home decor is worth considering for anyone looking to create a vibrant and personalized living environment.

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He is known for his engaging on-air presence and ability to connect with the audience while demonstrating the features and benefits of various items.

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Whether or not Kerrie Taylor currently appears on QVC may require further investigation or confirmation directly from the network.

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